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268926 Dan Beck <drumsandbacon@g...> 2019‑07‑18 Re: all in a row...
>In actual oldtools news I am busy making a box and set of disks
>for a nice lady in the SCA.  The box is not turned, but carved.
>I thought it would be cool to leave tool marks that would tell a
>story to those who could read it.  The box interior was roughed
>out with a centre bit, then finished with chisels.

Nice work, Darrell. Very impressive!

>First advice I ever got for collecting things (like tractors) was to
>never neatly arrange them all in a row. Makes it way too easy for SWMBO
>to count them. Better to scatter them around the property.
>Paul Honore

my wife is pretty cool with the fact that I am essentially a
high-functioning hoarder. That being said, I practice the above
philosophy, just in case.

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