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268929 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2019‑07‑18 Re: saw
Scott has once again reminded us of the perils of listening to pitchmen!

> > https://www.skeltonsaws.
> Got to love the pitch!!

Ok, let’s run with it.  If a saw with a toe shaped like the famous British
Mallard streamlined steam locomotive can sell for big bucks, how about a saw toe
profiled to resemble a New York Central J3 Hudson with Dreyfus streamlining?

How about a saw profiled like the NYC Commodore Vanderbilt streamliner?

Raymond Lowey’s masterpiece GG1 electric locomotive?  Yeah, we’ll give that one
the “cat’s whiskers” pinstripes!

Here’s the serious part, that you might reply to: I’m just not convinced that
having ANY toe profile which protrudes beyond the “spine” is of any use on a
backsaw. The exception would be a “half backed” saw where the toe is long enough
to do some through-sawing.

> If you don't have more than enough saws its your own damn fault

Surely ‘tis true! Just ask Tom Price!  

What makes a great backsaw?  Steel, tensioning, handle, and most of all
sharpening.  I’m sure that my backsaws could be improved by a truly skilled
sharpener.  Trouble is, that requires long practice.

(I practiced on saws in such awful condition that anything done to them could
only be an improvement.  You’ve seen them at the Flea Markets and other venues:
“Cow and Calf” teeth, irreparable bends, etc.  If, after your best effort, it’s
still not a useable saw, which is a given for the bent ones, you can cut it up
into scrapers. But, you will have learned about saw filing along the way!)

John Ruth

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