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268936 Anthony Seo 2019‑07‑19 Jacktown Summer 2019 Steam Engine Show Flea Market
Today kicked off the Jacktown Summer 2019 Steam Engine Show and Flea 
Market.  The weather is calling for nasty hot, and it was already 75 F 
degrees with 105% humidity at 7:00 AM.  There were some clouds and a 
light breeze that helped a little but the weather kept the dealer count 
down and a lot of the exhibitor spaces out in the show area were empty 
as well.

A couple shots of the flea market area



With the low vendor turnout, pickings weren't great.  I got a Stanley 
Rule & Level No. 921 brace, a 10" Stanley No. 20 try square, a Stanley 
caliper rule, Starrett pin vise, a wood handle pin vise,  a patented 
outside caliper made by Union, a brass glass cutter with the side 
cutting attachment (uncommon), a P S & W 8" wing compass, a cabinet 
makers turnscrew, a W Johnson rivet set, and a Gomph leather tool with a 
funky handle.


There wasn't much in the way of hammers around, the top one is a 
Nantucket style cooper's hoop driver, next is a funky big cross peen 
hammer, next is a regular cross peen, and last is a blacksmith straight 
peen hammer.


Hopefully tomorrow there will be a few more vendors to pick from. But 
who knows

Tony (hot, hot, hot)


Old River Hard Goods

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