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268937 Tony Blanks <dynnyrne@i...> 2019‑07‑19 Re: saw & Peacock Oil
On 19/07/2019 6:51 pm, yorkshireman@y... wrote in part:

> But did you follow up ‘Peacock Oil’?   Even rarer than snake oil it would
seem, at GBP96.00 a litre  - but it was hand made….

If you have ever tried to sleep within 500 metres of a flock of randy 
peafowl; the peacocks overcome by lust, and the peahens filled with fear 
you would be able to think of nothing better  than producing a vat full 
of peacock oil.  Leave the a couple of peacocks and all the peahens to 
produce the next crop.  The peacocks are flashier, so the oil must be 
better.  Stands to reason.......

There is an opportunity there!


Tony B
> Richard Wilson
> Standing back in amazement at a fellow Yorkshireman’s pitch.
Don't be: Where there's peacocks there's brass!

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