Christopher Swingley’s Home Page

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  • Animals -- Animals we've seen or heard around Fairbanks or on our travels.
  • Baseball -- Get a free baseball scorecard (for Mac, Windows and Unix) and learn how to use it to score your favorite team.
  • Beer -- Recipes, equipment and other information about brewing beer at home.
  • Blog -- metachronistic, now and then.
  • Photolog -- photos.
  • Books -- Books I've read.
  • Bookbinding -- My exploration into binding my own books. I'm just starting, so there's not much here at the moment.
  • Me -- Who I am, where I've been, and what I've been doing with my time, energy and space.
  • Other -- Random things I know something about, including how to make soap, how much energy you use while exercising, links to other interesting web sites, and some other things.
  • Weather -- Graphs of recent and long term weather for Alaska.
  • Woodworking -- Plans, photos and information about woodworking and the projects I've built or that I'm working on.

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