Hiking on the trails
thu, 28-jul-2011, 16:10

Fire from the back five
fri, 20-may-2011, 19:26

Fire from Miller Hill
fri, 20-may-2011, 19:09

Piper and Jenson sharing the couch
sat, 07-may-2011, 14:51

Spring breakup flooding the dog yard
wed, 27-apr-2011, 15:37

Piper getting treatment
fri, 04-feb-2011, 06:42

Piper, Tallys and Deuce on the dog beds
sun, 12-dec-2010, 20:25

Piper on the couch
sat, 20-nov-2010, 11:27

Arctic entryway before windows
wed, 13-oct-2010, 15:07