Buddy in lead, after day 1 in Tok
sat, 24-mar-2012, 09:45

Buddy and Koidern in the hotel room
fri, 23-mar-2012, 20:58

Jenson going to Tok?
fri, 23-mar-2012, 08:47

Mr. Buddy snoozing
fri, 23-mar-2012, 06:14

Tallys says: pick me up!
thu, 22-mar-2012, 17:29

Cats on Piper’s bed
mon, 19-mar-2012, 20:02

Jenson wrestling with his sock toy
sun, 18-mar-2012, 15:40

Hare tracks
sun, 18-mar-2012, 14:24

Caslon on his shelf above the heater
sat, 17-mar-2012, 19:22

Snowpack removal
sat, 17-mar-2012, 16:51