Caslon on the couch
wed, 25-sep-2013, 19:52

Equinox Marathon finish
sat, 21-sep-2013, 12:49

In the finish chute, Equinox Marathon
sat, 21-sep-2013, 12:49

Running up Ester Dome Road
sat, 21-sep-2013, 10:18

Trail up to Henderson
sat, 21-sep-2013, 09:51

Obligatory first autumn snowfall photo
wed, 18-sep-2013, 05:44

Lennier enjoys licking
mon, 16-sep-2013, 19:57

Sunrise in the Goldstream Valley
tue, 10-sep-2013, 06:47

Fog at the muskox farm
sat, 07-sep-2013, 09:27