Lennier post-surgery snooze
fri, 22-sep-2017, 19:13

Old wood stove off to the dump
sun, 17-sep-2017, 15:42

Breaking up the old hearth
sun, 17-sep-2017, 13:43

Equinox Marathon: up on the zipper
sat, 16-sep-2017, 10:05

Equinox Marathon: Henderson Road
sat, 16-sep-2017, 09:47

Steampunk Lennier gets the cold laser
fri, 08-sep-2017, 16:43

Sandhill Cranes on Hardrock Field
tue, 05-sep-2017, 09:27

Lennier upside down on the futon
mon, 04-sep-2017, 19:32