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263301 Nathan Goodwin <hiscarpentry@g...> 2017‑09‑14 Gordon Lewis Muster II
I was just going through a few old wooden boxes I grabbed from a rubbish
pile I saw on my way home from work tonigh and found a couple of Stanley
levels one is a  machinist level and the other is a street edge pocket
level. While searching for info I came across oldtooluser.com.

My question, is Mr. Muster is or was in our old tools community? If so
thanks for your informational site. I learned that the pocket level I
robbed from the landfill was made between 1890 and 1895.

Here's hoping they will put out a few more goodies by the time I go by in
the morning!

Thanks Nathan Goodwin
Nathan Goodwin H. I. S. Carpentry Blog:

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