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268942 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑07‑21 Re: An odd spokeshave No.17 that I think is a Stanley product

Been thinking about your #17 and saw you mentioned examples on the innerweb.
Here is one from MJD:

1avpobn55WsgXNWShoqQbYRm9IkaGok4FPuRWpADBROBoCmpYQAvD_BwE <https://www.ebay.com/i/

and one from Etsy:

spokeshave <https://www.etsy.com/listing/652042418/vintage-no-17

I have a couple of oddballs down there that I thought I might check out.  One it
turns out I sold - it was a Falcon Pope from Australia and was an EXACT copy of
Stanley 151.  The body could have come out of the same mold.  The name was on
the cap and the blade, but I do remember no name on the body.

Also I still have an Atkins #6 down there, which is an EXACT copy of Stanley 52
with the flatter handles.  The body could have come out of the same mold on this
one too.  Again, the only ID on the body is the “No 6”, and an E C ATKINS & CO
light stamp is on the blade,

Either of these might have had a replacement blade somewhere down the line, but
those 2 names might be worth checking out.  I did a search for both with a “No
17” and did not come up with anything, but one of the attending galoots must
have nothing better to do on a hot Sunday afternoon than dig into their musty
collection of catalogs, right?

Ed Minch

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